To make a reservation

If you want to book a trailer, please contact us by e-mail:

Please specify your contact, the dates you want to book, and the kind of location you're interested in: trailer or lodging.

We will send you a registration/booking file.

Then you will have to send us this file back with a check of 250€ for deposit (by postal mail).

• Check order: Centre équestre de Chalain / Logis des 3 Lacs

• address: Logis des 3 Lacs 375 rue des 3 Lacs 39130 DOUCIER


If you wish to, you can book by email in the condition that we receive the deposit check and the booking file within four days (business days). If we do not receive the check and the file, the trailers location will be available again for someone else.


Our e-mail :


You can also contact us by telephone:

Office phone number: 03 84 25 76 52

Hours: from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 20h

We will give you all the details and information needed, and we will send you the

registration/booking file. Same conditions as email.



Rental General Conditions:


Click here to see the rental general conditions.

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