« Sport » activities :

Sporting and ludic activities that you will practice safely.


• Swimming: Lac de Chalain (beaches and swimminig pools)

• Canoeing and kayaking

• ULM and Delta wing.

• Climbing and canyoning

• “Tree climbing”





Hiking activities :

Come discover a wild and generous nature; we will be able to give you some advice.


1: The lakes region.

This region will offer you a multitude of possibilities in colorful environment.


2: The good old country.

This is the vineyards region and the kingdom of Comté (regional cheese). You will see its fabulous landscapes and its “out-of-the-way” places in a relief tormented by antique folding.


3: The Haut-Jura region.

In this region, the fauna and flora compete with beauty, in an alternation of ridges and large combs.

Lovers of wild spaces will find there a unique playground for their thirst of liberty.





Come try it;

Come enjoy our landscapes ;

You’ll love it…



« Discovery »


A few examples of the Jura heritage:

1: City of Arbois: its vineyards and a great man.

• Visite du Château Pécauld : Musée de la vigne et du vin.

Visite de la Maison de Louis Pasteur

• Sampling la Fruitière Vinicole d'Arbois


2: A thousand years of salt history:

Thermal baths: swimming baths with hot salted water (30°), jacuzzi, sauna, hammam.

• Visit of the Salines: visitors will discover the history of salt and its techniques of working and making.


3: Haut Jura, wood and cheese craftsmen:

Visit of the museum of the Boissellerie in Bois d’Amont: the ability and skillfulness of the wood craftsmen who knew how to exploit all the qualities of the piceas in the valley.

Visit of the Fort des Rousses in the middle of the Natural Park in Haut Jura: You will discover how time, hard work, and the cellar atmosphere make up the best flavors in all cheese, from the Jura Mountain.


4: Lakes and rivers: take a deep breath of fresh air in a colorful landscape :

• Pic de l’Aigle: magnificent sight on the 4 lakes region and the Hérisson valley. Make a stop on the shore of the Bonlieu Lake.

• 3.7 km hiking track, along the 31 river falls: two and a half hour long.

Visit of the Maison des Cascades: discover the history of the Hérisson waterfalls.


5: Caves, pits, underground rivers, geological phenomenon:

Visit of the Grottes des Moidons: true natural masterpiece lost in the middle of the domanial Forêt des Moidons.

• Walk along the Cuisance river.

• Visit of the Grottes des Planches.


6: Vineyard and Revermont : « le bon pays ».

• Visit of the medieval village Château-Chalon: the capital of vin jaune (yellow wine). Visit of cellars and sampling.

• Walk in Beaume-les-Messieurs: the famous steephead valleys in Jura, which hides its vineyard the Abbey of Beaume-les-Messieurs, the epitome of medieval monarchism.

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